Yorkshire Road Race League – A Huge Success

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The Yorkshire Road Race League ended its first year a huge success with 627 entries across the 10 well managed events.

The main aim of promoting Elite level racing in Yorkshire was met and the average field was over 95% capacity and most events having reserve lists for races being over-subscribed. Feedback from riders has been extremely positive with the caliber of racing being high, and Domestic Pro Teams entered riders into several rounds, which is testament to the quality of race promotion in the league.

The League offered support to 4 new race organisers who promoted very well managed events, which were new events to the British Cycling calendar. The 10 rounds presented unique challenges to riders with events ranging in length and terrain from extremely hilly to pan-flat, circuit style events to 90+ mile road races where the overall winner must demonstrate a range of skills and abilities. Domestic Pro’ teams entered riders into several rounds which has been testament to the quality of racing promoted, and they are likely to return to more events in 2013 after both Node 4 and Raleigh failed to qualify for overall league standings as they both raced in less than 5 events. Although we expect to see an increased number top flight teams attending races more frequently in 2013.

RST Trigon
RST – 2012 Team Winners.

Despite strong performances by Domestic Pro Teams, it was sponsored amateur teams that topped the Team Prize tables after consistent performances throughout the season. Yorkshire based RST-Trigon put in a solid performance to beat fellow Yorkshire team Sportscover-Altura into 2nd place ahead of Herbalife in 3rd position.

Tom Barras – 2012 YRRL Winner.

The challenge for overall victory went down to the wire. 91 riders scored points over the series and only 1 point separating the top three riders with Tom Barras taking the win by 1 point from Ben Ives and Tom Stewart both with 140 points. Ives was awarded second place after scoring points in more rounds than Stewart.

We would like to thank each and every club, helpers, marshals, riders and teams who helped make the Yorkshire Road Race League a huge success and in its inaugural year. It is promising for the future of road cycling in Yorkshire to see so many clubs working together to create arguable the country’s most competitive road racing league outside the Premier Calendar. We aim to return next year with an even better league that will help drive the continued success of cycling.

Yorkshire Road Race League Promoters.

Final League Positions (Top 40)

1 141 Tom Barras
2 140 Ben Ives
3 140 Tom Stewart
4 136 David Shackleton
5 126 Gunnar Gronlund
6 123 Adam Duggleby
7 105 Jamie Shirlaw
8 84 Dan Storey
9 83 Richard Hepworth
10 63 Matt Pilkington
11 59 Karl Denton
12 55 Colin Humphrey
13 51 Matt Williams
14 45 Jake Womersley
15 45 Richard Bott
16 44 Jack Cutsworth
17 42 Matt Holmes
18 40 Simon Wilson
19 35 Chris Daddy
20 35 Olie Wood
21 31 Tommy Bustard
22 29 Simon Maudsley
23 27 Steven Guymer
24 25 Jamie Burgan
25 24 Dan Smith
26 23 Dan Booth
27 23 Evan Oliphant
28 22 Ash Proctor
29 22 John Tanner
30 21 Ben Dean
31 20 Ian Wilkinson
32 20 Rob Sharman
33 17 Alex Mitchell
34 15 Graeme Rose
35 13 Matt Robinson
36 13 Nick Coopland
37 13 Rob Partridge
38 12 Anthony Moye
39 11 Ashley Brown
40 11 Ben Kellet

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