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Ryedale Rumble - Sunday 2nd September 2012


Avid Rumblers will know that we’d previously indicated that the Rumble Team would be taking “a year off” in 2012. The reasons being something else happening in London during August that will take up the available time of both the team and riders who might prefer time either in London or in front of the telly. The most important factor however and one that we couldn’t explain at the time was that we were bidding to host the National Road Race Championships on the 24th June. With that now confirmed we have a bit to do to get that show on the road and regrouping for our traditional August Rumble would have been a big ask.

What I hadn’t personally reckoned on was the strength of feeling amongst the dedicated Rumblers. Although the event may not gather the largest field in the history of Sportives it does nevertheless have a strong core support. Whether it’s the tee-shirts, Ceri’s Cakes, the scenery or those lumpy bits called the North York Moors we can’t be sure but thank you all for pushing us to re-consider.

The second “unplanned” element was the support from within, from the BC Yorkshire team themselves. This is a group of volunteers who turn out week in and week out in all weathers throughout the year, with no financial reward, to keep our wheels on the road. For me it was too big an ask of them to take on the Rumble after a challenge such as the Nationals, I shouldn’t have doubted it as they are well and truly up for it.

To make it happen we’ve shifted the date back to Sunday the 2nd September, the last available date for us at Ampleforth before the school term begins. This we felt might also help those riders who haven’t previously been able to handle our August fixture. Getting you all around in daylight might call for some tinkering with start times but never mind let’s do it!

Once again the event plans to support Help for Heroes and again £1.00 of your entry fee will go directly to them to get things rolling. After this we hope that riders will take up their own optional fund raising through the sponsorship link. It doesn’t need a campaign just a few pounds multiplied by the number of riders will make for a sizeable and welcome contribution.

The entry fee remains at £27.00, as we recognise these are difficult times. Last year the event only just broke even and so we really need your entries if we are going to achieve our own goals. As a not-for-profit organisation British Cycling Yorkshire Region uses its surplus to help to develop our young riders. Our 2012 challenge is to establish the Yorkshire Junior Development Group to nurture and support our young riders through the often difficult but vital years from 16 to 18. Our aim is to retain them within cycling rather than losing them to other less worthy pursuits.

It just remains for me, on behalf of the “Team” to say that we look forward to seeing regular and new faces at Ampleforth on the 2nd September for our shared Rumble Experience.

Bob Howden
Event Organiser

Chair British Cycling Yorkshire Region.




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