IMPORTANT: New Youth Technical Regulations for 2016

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New British Cycling Rulings for 2016


Points and dispensation thresholds

Points and dispensation thresholds will be changed in an effort to become more meaningful and reduce ‘points-chasing’.

Riders in Youth A and Youth B may be eligible to move up one category and race with a Dispensation Card as per the British Cycling rules: Category B Youth riders who gain 50 licence category points in any one year may apply to the National Board for dispensation to compete in closed road events restricted to the next higher age category. Category A Youth riders who gain 50 licence category points in any one year, or who have attained a top 10 place in the previous year’s National Youth A rankings may apply to the Board for dispensation to compete in events against riders of any older category in closed road events



Points and rankings

Points and rankings for riders aged 12 and under will be removed.


Equipment regulations


Equipment regulations have been updated to reduce the cost, perceived or real, of competing. Ruling here: 3.2.7 In all circuit events Youth B and younger riders shall conform to the following requirements: Wheels shall have a maximum rim depth of 35mm, have a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 40 spokes. Spokes can be round, attened or oval but must not exceed 10mm in width. Tri-bars, arm extensions and/or arm pads shall be prohibited.


As this this is a new technical regulation, this will be strictly enforced at all White Rose Youth League events in 2016.


Disc brakes

3.2.5  Cycles used for road or circuit racing shall be tted with a freewheel and two independent brakes in good working order, with their brake levers securely fastened to the handlebars. The use of disc brakes is forbidden.



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