Designing New Club Kit?

February 4, 2013 Comments Off

Are you a new club and are looking to design your club kit or are you updating your existing kit?

In the last year or so there has certainly been a trend towards predominantly black kit, Team Sky might have something to do with this! In light of this we wanted to highlight a few pointers which will help get your designs successfully registered.

The first point of note is that all club kit designs have to be submitted to British Cycling when a club submits it’s affiliation paperwork. If the staff at head office feel that the kit is similar in design to another club particularly in the same region then they will refer the design to the regional board.

To avoid any issues please ensure your design is approved before committing to production, if you have any concerns about a design feel free to email it to us and we’ll help.

There are practical reasons why club kit to be as different as possible to that of other clubs. In races at can difficult to distinguish between kits which makes judging difficult when you have mass finishes.

Using the shoulder area of jerseys to highlight club names, logos is useful from a judging point of view.

Having the same or similar design on the front as well as the back also helps identification in races.


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