Yorkshire Commissaire Workshop

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The Yorkshire Region is hosting a meeting for BC Yorkshire Regional Commissaires on Saturday 27th January Starting at 9.30am with a buffet lunch at 12.30, followed by an afternoon session. The meeting will aim to appoint officials for the calendar of events as well as previewing upcoming regulation changes for the 2018 season.


Workshop Timetable (TBC)

09:30 – Welcome & Coffee
10:00 - Workshop Commences
10:15 – Session 1 Commences
11:25 - Refreshment Break
11:30 –  Session 2 Commences
12:30 – Buffet lunch
13:30 – Session 3
14:30 – Appointments
15:00 – Finish



The Region would urge attendance by those Commissaires seeking appointments for the 2018 season - It has been agreed by BC Yorkshire that all attendees at either of the workshops shall be eligible to claim travel mileage to and from the activity at the rate of 15p per mile.  Claim forms will be available on the day.

Attendees please contact Regional Events Officer Matthew Gott at matthewgott@britishcycling.org.uk at least 7 days in advance.

Location Information:

The Bridge Hotel and Spa
North Yorkshire
LS22 5HS

Website here.

Location map here.


On the same evening the Region will be holding its Annual Dinner at the same venue for ticket details please contact Keith Scott at klscott@klscott.karoo.co.uk, so why not make it a full day.

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