Board Members

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The region’s board is currently made up of elected members of the region with additional input from members of BC regional staff. The role of the Yorkshire Board is to oversee the happenings within the region and to convey the region’s votes to the National Council at the National AGM.

Each club within the region is able to have representation at the Regions AGM and to nominate or support a candidate to become a member of the Board.

2016/17 Board Members


Name Position Email Elected Volunteer Funded Volunteer Staff
Bob Howden Chairman  Yes
Ian Hirst Vice Chairman  Yes
Marc Etches Vice Chairman & Webmaster  Yes
Keith Scott Secretary  Yes
John Wray Treasurer  Yes
Matthew Gott Regional Events Officer  Yes
Anthony Gill Regional Development Officer Yes
Ben Greenwood GB Cycling Team Coach Yes
Helen Webster Recreation Manager (West and South Yorkshire)  Yes
Tom Mutton Recreation Manager – Yorkshire  Yes
Trevor Tennick Team Selector  Yes
Ian O’Brien Media & Publicity  Yes
Neil Prendergast Board Member  Yes
Peter Root Board Member  Yes
Tim Leleux Board Member Yes
Mandy Parker Board Member  Yes
Pam Clay Board Member  Yes
Joanne Wood Board Member  Yes
Michael Edwards Board Member  Yes
Martin Gamble Board Member  Yes
Rob Drohan Board Member Yes





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