Events Workgroup

January 18, 2012 Comments Off

The region’s events workgroup is currently made up of elected members of the region with additional input from members of BC regional staff. The role of the events workgroup is to oversee the event happenings within the region and plan the events effectively.

Events Workgroup Members

Name Position Email Elected Volunteer Funded Volunteer Staff
Ian Hirst Chairman  Yes
Marc Etches Vice Chairman  Yes
Keith Scott Secretary  Yes
Matthew Gott Regional Events Officer  Yes
Stephen Downing Regional Competition Administrator  Yes
Neil Prendergast Board Member  Yes
Peter Root Board Member  Yes
Mandy Parker Board Member  Yes
Pam Clay Board Member  Yes
Ashley Brown Workgroup Member  Yes
Peter Sutton Workgroup Member  Yes
Jason Metcalfe Workgroup Member  Yes
Graham Parker Workgroup Member  Yes
Kevin Brown Workgroup Member  Yes
Chris Lawrence Workgroup Member  Yes
David Williams Workgroup Member  Yes
Andy Birdsall Workgroup Member  Yes



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